Got into Tumblr through No.6 and got into Kpop through Tumblr. I tend to focus on few groups to fangirl over, and currently there are EXO and VIXX with a dash of Shinee and 15&.
VIXX are my holy, safe haven, where happiness resides, and I constantly want to hug the living daylights out of them.
Seeing Wu Yifan these days makes me smile like a dork, and I might or might not be getting a glow-in-the-dark shirt with a unicorn symbol on it for my birthday.
Also, FanXing is the ship that's currently out for ruining my life (and my WIP folder).
Any questions? Don't hesitate to leave me an ask, I genuinely LOVE talking to people!
There's a method to the madness

That moment when you remember that there are websites where fanfictions you posted 6 years ago are still available.

I was not prepared that being a meigeini meant religiously waiting for pictures of Yifa, and then constantly being like “He looks good, but his clothes, but he looks so good, these clothes might not be so bad, but then again the clothes, but damn, he looks gorgeous.”

If there is one thing I’ve got down about scientific writing, it’s quoting correctly.

I have a strange habit of using really archaic german when I write scientific papers.


Cute Makneaes